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About P-services

P-services helps you with your personnel. They are specialists in everything to do with personnel management. A reliable partner when it comes to payroll, temping, personnel and payroll administration and - especially for intermediaries - back office services. In short, your partner for all HR(M) tasks.


Retrieve and process bank statements

Daily statements of various clients' G accounts are downloaded from the banking environment. Then they are uploaded into the MySolution Finance accounting system under the appropriate BV. Finally, the transactions are processed. This boring chore is now performed by a robot from VionA, allowing the department to focus on the exceptions instead of this repetitive operation.

Audit first invoice

After a new customer receives an invoices for the first time, they are approached with a few questions so that processing runs smoothly. To do this, the invoices are looked up in the MySolution system, added to an email, the email sent and the response reviewed. This whole process now runs automatically allowing the department to focus on the exceptions.


Create contract card

A contract must be created for each new placement. For this, a wizard is run through MySolution and populated with information from the CRM package. For this, VionA has built a robot that runs through this wizard for the department. Again, this saves time, reduces the chance of typing errors and creates more time for more challenging work in the department.

Project resource error message

Every morning a list of all project resources to be handled is downloaded. After this, all resources are handled step by step by indicating the correct status per resource in the MySolution system. As soon as an error message pops up during allocation, the resource is filed away for review by the appropriate department. Once the list is completed, an email with the relevant error messages is sent to each department.


Fixed hours offer

At some point, a temporary worker must be given a contract with fixed hours. The number of hours is determined by the hours worked in the past year. VionA ensures that the contract is changed in MySolution to one with fixed hours so that the back office no longer has to do this.

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