Also spending too much valuable time on administrative work?

We solve it for you with a revolutionary way of automating without IT projects.

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Let the possibilities amaze you

I can take over all your administrative tasks, such as:

Contract extension employee
Retrieve and send status updates to customers
Process salaries
Extract data from spreadsheets to CRM system
Collect and compare product prices from websites
Create overviews for reports

This is what Viona does

We make automating easy👌

  • No complicated IT projects, only login information needed
  • Tailored to your process
  • By using RPA, AI and links to APIs, we can automate quickly and cost-effectively
  • We continue to monitor all automations so you don't have to worry about it
  • Process not yet in place, no problem! We also help you get these ready for the next step.
Our approach

Here's what it does for you

More inspiring jobs for your colleagues 🥳

  • Employees are more satisfied when they don't have to perform the same repetitive tasks every day
  • Processes run faster and error-free, at the moment you want them to
  • Reduces the workload of your employees
  • You save valuable time for other important things
  • That's how you'll earn me back in no time(Calculate your savings here)!
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How does it work?

An example:


Order entry



I log into the mail account you created for me. 2-step verification? No problem!

Microsoft Outlook

Search orders

In the emails in my mailbox, I look for the data needed to enter the order. I check if they are complete and put them in Google Sheets

Google Workspace

Create order

I log into your company's order system. Here I create a new order with the data from the email. I make no typos and have the orders entered in no time.

Exact Logo

Control & monitoring

The next day I check to see if the order I entered has already been processed, if not I raise the alarm with a colleague. 


What can VionA do for your department?

For any department, the possibilities are endless. Need inspiration? Check out the examples!

I automate all systems

To give you an idea, among others:

Happy customers 😃


  • Retrieve and process bank statements
  • Audit first invoice
  • Create contract card
  • Project resource error message
  • Fixed hours offer


  • Apply for documents in Government portals
  • Creating and sending bonus statements

Facet Accountants and Advisors

  • Monitoring Administrations

Tim Turkenburg

Manager Operations

We started using Viona six months ago. During this period we have already been able to automate a huge number of processes. The cooperation with Sam was very pleasant. He was able to automate things that we thought were impossible. Because of Viona, repetitive work and time-consuming processes are now fully automated. This leaves more valuable time for our colleagues to focus on our customers.

Bas Schoorl


The cooperation with VionA runs like clockwork! She thinks along with you to automate new processes but also remains continuously involved in the current processes and also tries to make optimizations in these. For Luba it is a great time saver that the contract extensions are carried out by robot. This leaves us time to match our clients and candidates even faster.

Arnoud Brewer

Partner at Facet Accountants and Advisors

What you often expect from software providers is not always available. More and more info overall about your customer base is required to work more efficiently. The aim is to automate pointless time-consuming processes by using robots. VionA has helped us take the first steps in this. We know that much more is possible with data and AI. We will also develop this further with VionA