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About Espero

A conference in the afternoon, a theater performance in the evening. Early in the day a meeting with the four of you, at the end of the day drinks with the whole department. With Espero's mobile partitions, much more becomes possible. It creates a place with more than one function and more than one atmosphere. With their folding walls, sliding walls, panel walls, harmonica walls and vertical folding walls you can vary endlessly in function, sound insulation and appearance. One space, multiple destinations. That's Espero.


Creating orders

Espero has a new quotation tool that allows dealers to easily generate and manage quotations. After the quote is approved, some of the data has to be manually transferred to their ERP system. A waste of time, and it can even delay delivery time. With an RPA robot, VionA now extracts the information via API from the quotation system, logs into the ERP system and creates the sales order there so it can be put into production.

  • Combination of API and RPA
  • Turnaround time reduction because robot can get to work right away
  • Error-free because manual work is no longer required
  • Works with RPA in an ERP package on the client's server

Work Preparation

To purchase size-specific parts, Espero must send 3D files with them. These STEP files must be generated by Autodesk Inventor. For standard parts that differ only in dimension, VionA has now developed an automation for this. Based on data from the purchase order, the STEP file is generated at the correct dimension and prepared in a folder.

  • The robot generates STEP files in Autodesk Inventor, based on data from ERP
  • Performed quickly and flawlessly so that parts can be ordered quickly

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