The benefits of RPA

Also for your organization!

RPA, or Robotic process automation has some great benefits, but in addition there are more reasons to choose RPA as a solution!

RPA saves costs

a robot can perform processes faster and for a lower 'hourly rate' than a human. With VionA you pay by means of an SLA with fixed costs per month, so these costs are always transparent and predictable. We have developed a tool to give you an indication of the specific savings for your process.

RPA robots work flawlessly

once properly set up, RPA robots do not make typos, do not skip steps, do not select the wrong email, do not open the wrong file, ... Therefore, there are plenty of examples of RPA robots taking over work that may not involve high volumes but have high accuracy requirements.

The payback period of an RPA robot is short

At VionA, the costs for an RPA robot consist of implementation costs and a monthly fee for the license and technical support. We calculate in advance how quickly you will earn back the implementation costs and also what you will save monthly by using the RPA robot. In most cases you will earn it back within a year, whereby you will already save costs compared to an employee from the first month.

RPA reduces employee workload

Because RPA robots can take over repetitive administrative tasks, this leaves more time for employees to work on other more important matters. Especially in times of labor shortages, then, this offers great benefits!

Work becomes more fun because of RPA

The very boring, repetitive chores that you don't enjoy doing are often the tasks that are best suited for RPA. This eliminates the need for employees to perform them, which has a positive impact on employee satisfaction!

An RPA robot works when you want it to

Processes can be run whenever you want, including at night and on weekends, so that employees can start working with the processed information the very next morning

RPA robots can be implemented quickly

Because no hard-coded connections are made, with RPA you are not dependent on external software parties. This allows you to switch quickly. In addition, no complete databases need to be linked before the first automation runs, but you can easily have processes taken over step-by-step by the RPA robot.

Information is handled discreetly by an RPA robot

Sensitive information, such as financial or personnel-related information, is not something we want just anyone to process. Because of this, you often see that a lot of simple work in these departments is still processed manually by employees who could be much better occupied with other matters. an RPA robot offers a solution here and is often still profitable because the robot takes over processes from people with a relatively high hourly rate.

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