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VionA's possibilities are endless. Because it uses RPA, AI and other linking capabilities with APIs, there are few challenges we cannot handle!

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In the HR department you often still see a lot of manual operations, which also have to be carried out very carefully. Because of the sensitive information with which they work, in busy times this cannot easily be done by other colleagues. VionA can help by taking over the repetitive tasks so that your department can focus on what they like most, dealing with the employees of your company.

  • Create overviews from various systems for payroll purposes
  • Collect and process information from new employees
  • Renewing or terminating contracts
  • Process receipts that come in by mail


You don't want just anyone to have access to your company's financial data, leaving all tasks to the same people. This includes repetitive administrative tasks that your employees don't really want to be doing. VionA was created for these very tasks, allowing you to focus on the more complex issues in the department.

  • Collect information from multiple systems and store it centrally
  • Create reports that combine data from different sources
  • Calculate commission and create statements per employee
  • Prepare and add attachments for invoices


Customer Service

The main task of the customer service department is to help customers with their questions as best as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always easy because the information needed from the customer, internally, or a supplier is not readily available. VionA can ensure that missing data can be requested from the customer, while, for example, the status of a delivery is looked up with the carrier.

  • Review questions for completeness and request more information where necessary
  • Look up information in various systems and bring it together
  • Look up statuses in supplier and carrier portals
  • Focus on which cases need extra attention



Administrative tasks is where VionA is at its best. All operations that have to be repeated regularly and where data has to be processed between different systems are always a time where mistakes can be made. Besides, these are often not the nicest jobs. It can also be convenient that certain tasks can be done at night so you are ready to get to work the next day!

  • Transferring data between systems
  • Requesting missing information by mail
  • Creating overviews with data from multiple systems
  • Create and send checklists for open tasks

Marketing & Sales

Contact with potential customers and scoring deals, that's what you're all about! Unfortunately, the truth is that this often includes a lot of computer work. Searching for product prices on various platforms by means of web scraping, retrieving downloads from the CRM package and processing them into a workable whole, following up offers. It can all be made easier by letting VionA take some of it off your hands.

  • Retrieve and compare prices from multiple sites (web scraping)
  • CRM data enrichment with online data
  • Automatically extract and prepare work lists from systems
  • Automatically follow-up offers

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