Automating with Robocorp

VionA's cloud-rpa partner

Many application today run in the cloud and are accessed through browsers. There are RPA software developers that specifically address this need. One of them is Robocorp. Find out here why VionA chose to partner with Robocorp and what you can do with it.

What is Robocorp?

Robocorp is a software company that has developed RPA software to drive automations from the cloud. This allows automations to work quickly and scale indefinitely.

What are the benefits of automating with Robocorp? 

Robocorp offers several advantages over traditional RPA software packages such as UiPath.

  1. One of the biggest advantages is that no installation on local systems is required. A username and password is usually enough to get started. You then also don't have to deal with updates later.
  2. You can quickly build automation in Robocorp. As a result, development costs are often lower than with a traditional package.
  3. Because the robots are started in the cloud, they are always equipped with the latest security updates and are highly scalable. This allows you to perform many tasks in a short time if necessary.
  4. In addition to RPA, Robocorp can also talk well with APIs. This offers many possibilities if you always want to perform tasks from the same system in various other systems.
  5. Robocorp has paid a lot of attention to error handling. This allows quick retracing of why a particular task was not performed properly and can also be quickly corrected.

Is it safe to work with Robocorp's RPA?

Robocorp has invested heavily in the security of the platform and systems. All data is encrypted (TLS) and therefore cannot be read in transit. Access to specific processes and data is role-based and there is a vault for sensitive information such as passwords. They also meet the highest compliance and privacy requirements including the EU standard GDPR. This allows you to have Robocorp perform tasks with AVG sensitive data.

Can I automate myself with Robocorp?

Yes, that is possible. Robocorp has a free version to get started with your first robot. It takes basic programming knowledge, but especially process understanding to build an RPA robot.

Automate with Robocorp as a service

VionA has the technology and knowledge to deliver your complete automation as a service, with or without Robocorp. We can take care of everything from searching for automation potential within your organization, to permanently monitoring the solutions we build and everything in between. Besides RPA this also includes for example advising in your processes, building forms and solutions to improve your process and training. You can find more about this approach here. Look further on our site for all possibilities and inspiration for potentially interesting processes.