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During this conversation we will get to know each other better. I would like to hear more about your company and what you are up against. I will tell you more about the possibilities of VionA. Based on this conversation I can help you determine which processes are interesting to automate. Are we on the same page? Then we can schedule a business scan.

  • Physical or online
  • Quick insight into opportunities
  • Online call self-scheduling
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Business Scan

I would be happy to visit you to map your business processes high over. Together we will look for improvement potential. With this we can determine which processes are interesting for automation. You will receive a report with the savings potential and the cost estimate. Together we determine which processes we want to start with.

  • Total overview of main processes with automation capabilities
  • Mapping improvement potential
  • Estimate savings and costs
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Mapping processes

The processes to be automated are mapped out in detail step by step so that I understand them properly from A to Z. I then draw them out and send them to you so that you can go through and discuss them internally. If everything is to your satisfaction, we can start building!

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My colleagues set me up properly so that I can take over the work for you. For this, we also need information from you, such as login information. In addition, the necessary programming work is done. At the end of this step, I have learned your process!

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Using Automations

I'm ready to go to work! We discuss when I will start so that we are both ready. In addition, you'll get an explanation of how I work and what to expect.

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My colleagues are constantly monitoring me to make sure the processes keep running smoothly. If you want, you can also get a login yourself to see how many times I ran which process and how long I spent on it.

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