I am VionA and I am here for you

VionA is here to take your boring repetitive tasks off your hands!

My mission

Making your work more fun and easier 👌.

I am your smart virtual colleague, helping you automate your time-consuming repetitive work processes that are still done by hand.

I like to make things easy for you, mapping your existing processes and converting them into scripts that ensure work gets done faster and without errors. At any time you want. Easy does it!

I like to make it personal. My solutions are tailor-made, customized for you, thanks to revolutionary RPA technology. I am uncluttered and user-friendly, affordable and accessible.

Discover my strength and what my added value is. With me, you'll be faster, have more fun work and be more economical and you'll have time for other more important work. How smart is that!

I am VionA, shall we meet and get to know each other?

RPA Technology

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA for short, is the name for the technology of automating processes with robots. It is a low-threshold form of automation because no links are needed between systems, but rather existing systems are used for this purpose. For a long time this technology was unattainable for SMEs, but VionA now makes this possible with RPA as a service. To reach our goal we use different software solutions, whether or not in combination with AI solutions.

We use Robocorp for all RPA robots that can run in the cloud. VionA is a Robocorp certified partner, so we can also help you with specific Robocorp issues.

Power Automate from Microsoft is what we use at VionA when we automate local systems as well. With a combination of their web-based and desktop solution, there are few systems we can no longer access.

Make is a low code solution that is easy to connect standard solutions like mail and spreadsheets. We often use this tool in conjunction with one of the other solutions.

Sometimes we can't avoid programming a bit. A good example is if you have your own system with an API and want to move large amounts of data. We can also take care of this completely.

VionA team

My colleagues are happy to help you!

Sam van der Wagen


Sam is a Lean Six Sigma black belt and an expert in process mapping and improvement. He will make sure you are supported from A to Z in implementing VionA at your organization.

Jasper Verbunt


Jasper has already built a successful digital agency and VionA is a great addition to it. His technological knowledge and network ensure that VionA can always learn new tricks and is always there for you.

Boris van Grevenbroek

RPA Developer

With a good dose of technical knowledge, he develops any robot in no-time.

Marnix Broek

RPA Developer

Marnix doesn't take no for an answer, when it comes to robots that is. Left or right, he solves every puzzle.

Kirsten Schmid

RPA Developer / Consultant

In addition to building cool robots, Kirsten is also ready to help our customers.

Arschan Zian Ziarian

RPA Developer

With his broad knowledge of programming, no automation is too crazy for him. He is always up for a challenge.

Warner Hoefakker

RPA Developer

Because of Warner's code knowledge, even the most complex bots are developed properly and quickly.

Work at VionA?

Who wouldn't want that! Here you can find our open positions.

(Junior) RPA Developer / Consultant

Become a Robot Builder! 🤖
  • Cool start-up
  • ️Nice work environment
  • ️Working with high-impact technology
Check out the RPA Developer job posting

Working Student RPA Developer

The most fun student job! 🫵
  • Well-paid student job
  • Working on client projects with impact
  • Fun work environment
Check out the working student RPA Developer vacancy

These are my promises to you


All the tasks I am tought I perform quickly and flawlessly. In the background, we constantly monitor whether everything is running smoothly and intervene where necessary.


No matter if the task is boring or not, I perform it without grumbling whenever you need it. I can always learn new things so the possibilities are endless!


I work securely on systems, and can handle sensitive data. All passwords are neatly stored in a vault so no one can access your data.