Why an RPA robot will make your job even more fun

Perhaps the most important reason to work with RPA robots within your organization, it makes your and your colleagues job even more fun! Want to know how? Read on here.

Why are people afraid of (RPA) robots? Let's start by saying that all change is scary. But the fear of robots often seems to go a bit further, even with software robots, which are physically incapable of doing harm. 

The most common comment, of course, is "Will I still have a job?" The answer to this is simple - yes. Although RPA robots are getting smarter, especially when combined with AI, there are many tasks where humans remain invaluable.

Fewer boring tasks

As mentioned, the tasks where RPA robots can be sustainably used are limited. This is because there must be sufficient volume involved in a task and, in addition, the process must follow a logical path. This means that tasks that are the same every time can most easily be automated, or the boring jobs. It is a wonderful feeling that these tasks are continuously performed quickly and flawlessly without having to do them yourself.

Removes stressful peaks

Usually the tasks performed by the robot are also tasks that have a certain time pressure element. Data must be in the system on time to be processed. Customers must be informed in time to prevent complaints, etc. These are the tasks that often require you to work overtime or skip your break. That is no longer necessary! Robots can scale up indefinitely and work day and night to complete the work.

A robot makes humans more human

Great, you got rid of the boring tasks in your work package that can also be stressful. What remains are usually the tasks that require more creativity and social skills. Good communication with customers and colleagues, working to improve the department and the company as a whole. This makes you feel fulfilled, and ... a robot could never have done that! In addition, these are the things that are also seen by colleagues, because this really makes an impact on the organization.

"I can't believe we did this by hand!"


Actually, an RPA robot is your ideal colleague! While you occupy yourself with the fun aspects of your job, the robot quickly and flawlessly eliminates all the boring work. In our experience, customers are actually always happy when another process is picked up by the robot. One of these customers put it nicely after the robot had been running for a few weeks. She said, "I can't believe we were doing this by hand!".

Automating with RPA robots from VionA

VionA offers automation solutions as a service. This eliminates the need to invest in software and the specific knowledge required to do so. To do this, it uses RPA and other technology. It already does this for several organizations in various industries, so it has a good idea of the issues at hand and where the biggest savings and benefits for the organization can be found.