Business Scan

Quickly find out the improvement potential of
your administrative processes!

What is the VionA business scan?

The VionA business scan is a scan of all administrative processes within your organization to examine whether they are running efficiently.

Depending on the number of departments, a Lean Six Sigma consultant will visit your company for a half or full day. All processes are first mapped at a high level, then we like to take a look at the relevant departments to see how the processes are actually carried out.

You will receive a nice overview in which you have a clear picture of what your main processes look like, and where there is improvement potential in an organizational and technical sense. We also take into account whether certain (parts) of the process are suited for automation. Either with your own system, an existing package, or with RPA.

We will schedule another short call to go over this overview and answer any questions.

VionA Company scan processes mapped at customer's site

Who is a business scan for?

For whom not! It is good for any company to review its processes from time to time. It is a good idea to have an external party do this, because they can look at this with a fresh perspective.

There is improvement potential, now what?

If you want to get started with the improvement potential from the company scan, we will plan a follow-up in which we will determine which improvements we want to tackle and prioritize them. For each improvement, VionA then provides a plan of approach with what we are going to improve, how, and what the investment will be in return. By breaking it down into chunks, we can quickly make an impact!

So does VionA help me with my organizational issues?

As part of the project, VionA also incorporates organizational issues into the processes. Co-founder Sam has years of experience with process improvements in various industries and is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt trained. He can help you improve and standardize the processes so that they are ready for the future and possibly for further automation.

Would you also like to know how your organization is doing? Then get in touch, or schedule an appointment for an intake right away!